Group Buy Alert: R&R Vapors 120ml Bottles, 4 Different Flavors


At 5pm on May 2, 2014, Bay Area-based juice making giant, R&R Vapors, will be holding a group buy on the Bay Area Vapers group on Facebook. If you aren’t a member already, you may want to re-evaluate your purpose in life. Cofounders and juice connoisseurs Ro Ni and Pew-Pew will be selling these massive 120ml bottles in 4 flavors for $50 a pop.

RNR group buy

Flavors include:

  • Vanilla Custard – A classic fan favorite, great all-day vape
  • Banana Hammock – A smooth vanilla creamy-like concoction
  • SasparHELLA – Sasaparilla/Root Beer-ish-inspired flavor
  • Kylie – R&R’s newest flavor, boasting cream and melon notes

25 bottles per flavor will be available. Limit one bottle per flavor per person.

These are going to go quick, so scrap together some cash and wait for the clock to strike 5pm on May 2 so you can put in your order on Bay Area Vapers.


Dear Platinum Vapes: Happy Anniversary. Love, BayVapes

San Jose. Saturday night. To say that Platinum Vapes is packed to capacity is a massive understatement. As my Scion xB slowly creeps across the strip mall along Aborn Road in search of a parking spot, I know immediately where everything is going down when I pass by a food truck engulfed in clouds of vapor.

I find a spot by the gas station.

Armed with my camera in one hand and my mod in the other, I notice some familiar faces getting some fresh air outside of the shop. Pew-Pew. Kyle. Eric. It’s good to see them. After wiggling my way inside, I find Roni (RNR Vapors) comfortably posted up behind the counter, mingling and socializing as usual.

Out of nowhere, Lily appears with a megaphone. All the cloud contest participants assemble around any available counter area with their coil-building arsenals. Wick. Wire. Pliers. The countdown begins. 15 minutes.

Hands shake with feverish intensity as they try to thread wires into posts. Eyes are wide and focused, borderline crazy. Adrenaline is at an all-time high. The competition starts. Back to back. Joey, Ryan, @deedupdex, and a few others assume their judging positions.

Clouds upon clouds fill the air, creating a hazy blanket swaddling every single person in the shop. It’s hot. I feel myself starting to sweat. Then I realize everyone else is in the same boat. I calm down a bit.

Despite the outcomes, everyone leaves a winner. Good vibes all around. MC offers me a shot of Hennessy to cap off the night.

Moral of the story: Kimchi sliders are worth every penny.

Until next time.