The Vapers’ 2014 Black Friday Bible


Scouring the internet in search of some smokin’ deals on devices and juices? BayVapes has got you covered. Check out this spreadsheet that’s been floating around over the past couple days. Shout out to those who helped make this happen!

Get your deals here:


vape black friday

Just a hint of the 150+ vape deals happening this week!


NOTE: BayVapes is not responsible for the rapid depletion of your bank account after viewing this list.

Love, BV

Vape Meet Tonight, Saturday 7/19 @ Vape Affair

It’s summertime…Sit back and unwind at tonight’s vape meet at Vape Affair in Santa Clara.


All the traditional meet features will be happening, such as giveaways, raffles, and cloud contests, but Vape Affair will be taking it a step further by donating 10% of all proceeds to charity. It’s nice to see the vape community giving back.

The meet will run from 6p-11p at 2905 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA, 95051. Come hungry, there’ll be food trucks.

Vape Affair Meet

Vape Innovations: The Schaf’ Switch

John Schafer, shop owner at Vapor 1 Lounge in Walnut Creek, CA, mentioned he was making Super-T ELA parts that are either not currently available through the manufacturer or add-ons that are hard to get, such as sat switches and slant caps. Behold the Schaf’ Kit aka Schaf’ switch. ELA_4 I mentioned to him I was in for a stainless steel lower accent ring and to shoot me an invoice. Next thing I know, a package arrives and is the whole kit of parts he is making minus the slant caps. I appreciate the gift, buddy! At first glance, everything is packed securely and individually bagged/wrapped. A quick strip down and comparison of the parts side by side indicate a perfect match and quality looks spot on. ELA_1 Switch: Of significant note, the switch comes with magnets or can be run using the stock or HD spring. I prefer the feel of the HD spring over the magnet as I found the magnet to be too soft of a throw for me. Also, the plunger is concaved. It makes for a very comfortable feel and overall “different” vaping experience… a good different. Copper is used where contact is made and I have not tested connectivity to see if there is a gain to using copper in this one small part. Thread tolerance is great and it threaded onto my ELA like butter. ELA_2 Bottom accent: Upon first glance you’ll notice there are four ribs centered in lieu of three offset as seen on the stock brass bottom accent. This too threaded on like butter and looks really good. When completely put together it is hard to tell the rib count difference of the two. Top accent: The top accent is identical to the stock and fit like a glove. No issues with it at all. ELA_3 I did not receive the slant caps offered and can not compare them to other brands. If you are looking for parts to outfit your go go gadget mod… Er, ELA, hit up John via PM.

-Joey Van Son